Making Healthy Swaps

Making Healthy Swaps

Never underestimate the power of a smart choice. Or in this case, a smart swap. Here are some of my favorites things to switch out for better and healthier options:

Pasta  —————> Zucchini or Squash, cut in spirals, ribbons, or chunks
Rice —————->  Cauliflower, chopped and pulsed in food processor
Chinese Noodles ——>  Zucchini, cut thinly
Tortillas/Wraps ——->   Lettuce cups
Tortilla Chips ——–>    Romaine hearts (the inner most part)
Sour Cream ———->   Greek Yogurt
Half and Half ———>   Almond Milk
Peanut Butter ———>  PB2
Ground Beef ———->   Lentils (try it!)
Lasagna Noodles ——->  Zucchini, cut in thin, wide slices
Mashed Potatoes ——-> Mashed Cauliflower
Pasta —————->  Spaghetti Squash
Crackers ————->  Cucumber Slices
Dipping Ranch ——–>  Hummus
Potato Chips ———-> Baked Kale
Munchy Snack ——–> Almonds
French Fries ———-> Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Ice Cream ————> Frozen Banana and Strawberry Sorbet
White Rice ———–> Brown Rice or Quinoa
Mayo —————>  Mashed Avocado
Butter ————–>  Coconut Oil

Try all the swaps out and see which ones work for you. Personally, I can’t give up my sour cream and butter, but I’m totally cool with mashed cauliflower and zucchini noodles. And I’m trying to like avocado, I promise. My husband would be so happy if I finally liked those disgusting, mushy, green things. For now, I’ll use the teeniest tiniest bit of mayo and call it good.

title image credit: Tracy Benjamin

2 thoughts on “Making Healthy Swaps

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