In the 10 years that I’ve been actively exercising, it feels as though I’ve done every workout under the sun, from yoga to kickboxing to rock climbing to ellipticals. As a self-diognoised creature of habit, I find that I like to stick with the same workout routine for weeks at a time, throw in something different and fun, and then go back to my favorite again. While that dedicated routine sounds like a good thing, it can be a detriment too as it is easy for me to fall into a rut. And ruts are seldom, if ever, good for you.

(speaking of ruts, I totally start to ramble for the next couple of paragraphs. If you want to skip ahead to the good stuff, scroll on down. If you want to be nice and read about the time I kicked a girl in the head, keep on reading )

For example, ellipticals were the first “real” form of exercise that I did, way back when I first started. And they were my favorite because I could kick up the resistance, get a good calorie burn done in about 48 minutes, which was the exact length of Gilmore Girls. Treadmills I hated because I hated running (and still do) and every thing else made me have to move to much while the ellipticals each had their own tv so I didn’t have to watch the boring nature channel of the main tv. Because, of course, you work out just to catch up on shows, right?

After a few months, ellipticals started annoying me, so I signed up for a few classes along with my workout buddy and tried new stuff like kickboxing. I quickly realized that I get very uncoordinated when in a large group. Something about all the people watching makes me feel flustered and self-conscious and the next thing you know, I’m out of sync and kicking a girl in the back of the head. (Oh, who am I kidding? I kicked her in the back, I can’t kick that high. Still can’t)

Fast forward 10 years and I’ve finally found programs that work for me. Move over 80’s workout videos and neon spandex, there’s a new workout DVD in town! Okay, so Beachbody not exactly new. In fact, they’ve been around for 10 years, but I’ve only heard about them two years ago when my good friend and former editor-in-chief from my days on CHIC magazine, Kelli France, said, “Girl, you’ve GOT to try this!” So I did what anybody does when shared awesome, life-changing news…

…. I blew her off.

For about six months, I said, yeah, that’s great for her but it’d never work for me. Until I reached my breaking point and decided that I might as well give it a shot. And what do you know, it worked! Turns out that I really clicked with the Beachbody trainers, the way the programs were set up, the amount of time required with doable, and it was not only effective but fun!

And because of my aforementioned uncoordinated klutzyness, I love that all their programs have a modified, regular, and hardcore person to watch. For about the first three months, I could barely make my way out of modified, but after a year+, I find myself regularly pushing the hardcore mode, trying to beat my past records.

My fitness journey 2.0 began in December of 2014 and here a year and a half later, I can now do nearly 40 sit-ups in a minute (when I could barely do 15 before). I can do REAL pushups, and have the muscles to prove it.


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